Stronger together

The Diocese of Muhabura

The Diocese of Muhabura covers the same area as Kisoro District. It is determined to develop holistic church ministry considering both the spiritual welfare as well as the socio-economic development of the local community.

Despite increasing prosperity to Kisoro town, the surrounding villages and communities have not yet benefitted  from the trade coming from Congo and Rwanda. On the surface, many assume levels of poverty, resources, malnutrition and poor health are low due to the rich vegetation and climate in Kisoro. However, problems with over crowding, lack of water storage systems, reliance on one crop and even education on finances means that most people in Kisoro district are suffering.

As a result the Diocese of Muhabura runs many programmes that aim to meet the needs of the most vulnerable people in the district. The Diocese’s key areas of focus are on HIV prevention, community health education and water and sanitation projects in rural settings. These ensure that it is working to meet its vision - to transform the community so that everyone sees the love of God in practice.

The Tourism Development Project aims to generate enough income to be able to support these programmes. It also aims to directly support the local economy by sourcing facilities, opportunities, resources and staff from Kisoro. It’s primary focus is to support and engage with the community in order to employ, empower and educate local people.

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